Below the Top 1000, Part 17 (Girls)

Before I move on to my weekly selection of rare names, I have an announcement: my article on car baby names was just featured on Nameberry!  Go and check it out. 🙂

With that, let’s look at some of the names given to between 35 and 39 American baby girls last year! 

  • 39 uses: Airam, Akasha, Alethea, Analucia, Arizbeth, Avionna, Brennan, Chrisette, Corrie, Damia, Delta, Dottie, Esty, Eulalia, Fraidy, Goddess, Hera, Jailee, Jeanne, Kenza, Leonie, Lian, Marcia, Nashla, Olympia, Reginae, Shivani, Taelor, Xaria, Yuridia
  • 38: Annora, Atara, Ayala, Azuri, Chanell, Dilynn, Divinity, Gigi, Huntley, James, Jewell, Jizelle, Keaton, Lavina, Michal, Nivea, Odalys, Tauriel, True, Wisdom, Zenaida
  • 37: Adora, Alix, Amity, Asmaa, Camelia, Chizaram, Clio, Dorothea, Enya, Hennessy, Ivanka, Jetta, Joely, Lark, Mela, Munira, Myasia, Neely, Onyx, Passion, Rafaela, Salwa, Skylie, Sonora, Tea, Tory, Tziporah, Winona
  • 36: Adore, Amour, Chantelle, Elowen, Eugenia, Gretel, Ilona, Jill, Manasvi, Moxie, Nazareth, Quinley, Reed, Remedy, Rooney, Trina, Vaishnavi, Zoelle
  • 35: Aerial, Athalia, Azure, Brady, Carlin, Chassidy, Dempsey, Elida, Georgette, Gianella, Gisella, Jemima, Jessenia, Lorna, Maddalena, Maebry, Mahalia, Maryama, Maybelle, Niamh, Novella, Phaedra, Seven, Solange, Thais, Zeina

Thoughts, anyone?  Interesting that Enya is still influencing baby names…has she released anything lately? 

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