Zuzu is the latest rare name to catch my attention!  Twenty baby girls were given this adorable name in 2015, according to SSA extended data.  Zuzu is all kinds of fantastic – like Lulu with zest!  It can be short for Susan, Susanna, or any number of ‘Z’ names including Zuleika and Zuri.  I cannot wait to see if this name takes off.

Most of us have seen the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, which turns seventy this year.  For those who haven’t watched it yet, the premise is that an angel shows despondent George Bailey scenes from his life – that is, George’s life had George never existed.  Evidently, I haven’t seen it in ten years or more, because I had no recollection that George’s daughter was actually called Zuzu, short for Susan!  Zuzu famously quotes: “Look Daddy.  Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.”  From what I can find, her nickname was supposedly a reference to Zu Zu Ginger Snaps, which were popular in the early 20th century.  For more information on the cookies, they have their own blog – worth a read!  P.S. – Watch the movie.  They always show it at the holidays, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

I’ve also noticed that Zuzu is a character name in at least two children’s television shows from the last decade.  In the British show Peppa Pig, Zuzu is a zebra with a twin sister named Zaza and an older sister named Zoe.  The other show with a Zuzu is the Australian Zuzu and the Supernuffs.  Their influence on the name is probably negligible, though – Zuzu first appeared as a baby name here before either program hit the waves.  Peppa Pig has only been around since 2004, and Supernuffs was released in 2013.  At least in the U.S., the first babies distinctly named Zuzu (and not Susan or another formal name) I’m aware of were born in 1999.

What do you think of Zuzu?  Would you use it as a nickname or treat her as a standalone? 

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