Below the Top 1000, Part 36 (Boys)

Howdy!  I hope you had a good weekend, free from dastardly April Fool’s Day deeds.

We have officially reached the single digits for the 2015 set!  Today’s selection includes many of those names given to only 9 baby boys in that year.  This information comes from the Social Security Administration, which releases popularity data for American names every year in May.  Speaking of which…only one more month until the 2016 data comes out!  So exciting. 🙂

  • 9 boys: Aashray, Adarian, Adison, Aengus, Aidenjames, Alamin, Aldrich, Aldrin, Aniket, Anselm, Aristides, Arkham, Arson, Artemus, Asadbek, Asahel, Ashford, Avelino, Averett, Baird, Beaumont, Beorn, Beshoy, Biagio, Boss, Breaker, Breton, Briton, Caffrey, Calvary, Chavez, Chetan, Chosen, Cinch, Cisco, Cosimo, Dacian, Dat, Delsin, Dickson, Dieter, Dmario, Drago, Draken, Draper, Edgard, Edsel, Epifanio, Esgar, Esneider, Ezequias, Fielding, Fitzpatrick, Frazier, Gad, Glory, Grantham, Hadriel, Harfateh, Havoc, Hobie, Horatio, Howie, Hung, Inman, Issachar, Jamori, Jazhiel, Jehiel, Jep, Jeremia, Jermarion, Jersey, Jhoniel, Jishnu, Jodeci, Joeangel, Johnross, Jorgeluis, Jorgen, Josedejesus, Josejuan, Juandavid, Junius, Juventino, Kagen, Kaikea, Kalijah, Kapone, Kashif, Kemal, Kerolos, Kershaw, Kiowa, Lakendrick, Loch, Mackinley, Madyx, Magic, Marquavious, Marten, Maxi, Mayjor, Mccrae, Mercury, Mihail, Mihajlo, Millard, Million, Montel, Moroni, Mubashir, Nevaeh, Nike, Nolawi, Norbert, Oaken, Oluwatamilore, Paco, Padraic, Parris, Pinchos, Pius, Poe, Prentiss, Princeamir, Pryor, Ra, Rage, Raistlin, Raoul, Rasmus, Remus, Revere, Riddik, Rigley, Romani, Rondo, Rushton, Sadler, Salix, Samuele, Sandy, Severiano, Severo, Shemuel, Shep, Sherlock, Shyne, Soul, Starling, Stepan, Tagg, Teal, Teancum, Temesgen, Thailand, Thornton, Tipton, Trek, Tron, Ugonna, Vedder, Vinicio, Vitaly, Wagner, Winchester, Worth, Wyman, Yecheskel, Zeddicus, Zenith, Zenon, Ziven

Thoughts?  Hobie is something of a pleasant surprise! 

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