September Name Sightings (and Babies!)

I’ve been publishing name sightings for the past few months now, but this month I lucked out and spotted some babies’ names!  So, my September post includes a few birth announcements. 🙂

I met:

Tor – in his 20s.  His middle name is also Scandinavian; Behind the Name defines Tor as a Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish form of Thor. Only 14 boys were named Tor in 2016, compared to 87 Thors.

Agape – teenage girl.  The name has nothing to do with the English word, but with an Ancient Greek word for love (especially in a divine or Biblical sense).  This name is pronounced with 3 syllables: ah-gah-pay or ah-gah-pee.  7 girls were named Agape in 2016.

Leila – Adult.  Leila is *not* an unusual name, but she pronounced it like “Lyla.”  Until this point, I assumed everyone said Leila the way they say LaylaLeila currently ranks #230 in the U.S.; Lyla, #138.

Shirley – a man in his 70s.  Shirley started out as a men’s name, and it would have still been in the top 1000 when he was born.  I wonder what his life’s been like; Shirley was extremely trendy a few years before he was born.  Was he a real-life “Boy Named Sue?”  168 girls were named Shirley in 2016.

Via Facebook:

Kyrslynn – Umm…what?  No information on this name, though I’m surprised she’s not a young child considering the trendiness of “-Lynn” names.  All I can think of is that it’s somehow related to “Kyrsten.”

Loredana – A very rare name that hasn’t charted in SSA data since 2001.

From Elsewhere:

Charlay – young woman.  5 girls were named Charlay in 2016.

RipleyReece – unknown gender, but definitely an adult.  Double-barrel names are uncommon in this country, and Ripley is on its own.  128 girls and 26 boys were named Ripley last year, while 474 boys and 175 girls were named Reece.

Olwen – also an adult.  Olwen is a beautiful and extremely rare Welsh girls’ name.  Apparently it hasn’t appeared in American birth data since 1917, but you can find 11 in the 2016 English/Welsh data.

Justo – Probably a form of JustusJusto was given to just 5 boys last year.

Robinson – Robinson Crusoe!  54 boys were given this literary name last year.

Kiernan – person (likely female) with a sixty-year-old sister.  In 2016, 32 boys and 16 girls were named Kiernan

Birth announcements!

Brody Krishna – I believe his dad is Indian.  Brody ranks #135 in the U.S., while Krishna lies far below the top 1000 (with 73 boys and 24 girls in 2016).

Clara Blue – Clara currently ranks #99 in the U.S., but Blue is a rare first name (23 boys/16 girls last year).  I expect Blue is far more popular as a middle name, as it’s short and takes on a hipster quality.

Alanna Valentina – Both Alanna (#564) and Valentina (#106) are in the top 1000! 

Milly Emma – Only 112 girls were named Milly in 2016; Millie is the more popular spelling with a rank of #436.  Emma is the #1 name in America.

What do you think of these names?  Have you spotted any interesting ones lately?  Met any babies with cool names?  Let me know in the comments!

Previous rare name round-ups:



Rare ‘D’ Names for Girls

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 7.30.52 PM

Looking through currently-rare ‘D’ names has been a real treat … so many Indian girls’ names!  Divya, Deeksha, and all the others I saw are positively gorgeous. 

As usual, I’m looking at names that were used in the U.S. last year, but not often enough to register within the top 1000.  The data I use is publicly available via the Social Security Administration.

  • 200-254 baby girls named: Dixie, Della, Diya, Diamond, Drew, Denise
  • 150-199: Darcy, Darla, Delia, Denver, Dariana, Dior, Damaris
  • 100-149: Dream, Darby, Donna, Doris, Dora, Desire, Deja, Daenerys
  • 50-99: Daria, Deasia, Divine, Dasha, Dawn, Dayanara, Dailyn, Denali, Denim, Devon, Danae, Diem, Dinah, Dynasty, Dolores
  • 25-49: Divya, Delphine, Divina, Divinity, Dorothea, Dolly, Dua, Delta, Dagny, Devany, Dottie, Demetria, December, Dulcemaria, Dhriti, Doreen, Dreya, Danitza, Darling, Dima, Dorcas, Dalexa, Deetya
  • 15-24: Dempsey, Damiana, Darielle, Domenica, Davida, Deirdre, Dilara, Dove, Dasani, Dawt, Dhruvi, Devika, Dovie, Devi, Dionne, Diva
  • 10-14: Dakayla, Damaria, Darielys, Davia, Dhwani, Dim,* Divisha, Dominga, Duchess, Dusty, Dacey, Dalani, Dalari, Dariella, Dash, Daylee, Daytona, Demetra, Deyanira, Dhanvi, Dhanya, Dmya, Donatella, Dreama, Dutchess, Dally, Dayleen, Dacia, Dalal, Darleth, Dashly, Deeksha, Deem, Destine, Diamonique, Draizy, Danahe, Dari, Despina, Devanshi, Dharma, Diora, Dniyah
  • 8-9: Daisymae, Damara, Deepika, Delancey, Delmy, Delphia, Deva, Dhara, Dominica, Drishya, Danette, Danila, Debby, Deryn, Dessie, Devaeh, Dhyani, Dianelys, Domino, Dona, Dulcinea, Dunia, Durrani
  • 7: Dale, Dalida, Daveigh, Day, Dejanae, Delphina, Demri, Denna, Desmarie, Devoiry, Diandra, Diara, Digna, Disney, Dnyla, Drishti, Dublin, Duha, Dulcie
  • 6: Dabney, Daily, Damilola, Danaysha, Daneen, Danielys, Darinka, Dava, Deangela, Denisa, Dhruthi, Dilcia, Dmitra, Divleen, Divyanshi, Djuna, Doha, Dolce, Dory, Drusilla
  • 5: Dah, Danity, Dannielynn, Dashayla, Dax, Dazzlyn, Dearie, Delania, Demilade, Desta, Destina, Dhatri, Djenabou, Doria, Drina, Duru, Dyna

*Dim is unfortunate; I wonder if it and Deem are transliterations of the same name? 

What do you think of these names?  Let me know in the comments, and stay tuned for the boys’ names!

Names in the U.S. Top 1000 that Aren’t in the English/Welsh Top 1000 (Boys)

Yesterday I posted a complete list of boys’ names that appeared in the English and Welsh top 1000 but not in the American top 1000.  As promised, here are the boys’ baby names that rank in the U.S. list but not the English/Welsh!

  • A: Abram, Abdiel, Achilles, Adan, Adonis, Adrien, Agustin, Ahmir, Alberto, Alden, Aldo, Alejandro, Alexzander, Alfonso, Alfredo, Alijah, Allan, Allen, Alonso, Alonzo, Alvaro, Alvin, Amare, Ameer, Anakin, Anders, Anderson, Andres, Angel, Anson, Apollo, Ares, Ariel, Armando, Armani, Arturo, August, Augustine, Augustus, Axton, Azariah
  • B: Barrett, Baylor, Beckett, Beckham, Benicio, Bennett, Benson, Bentlee, Benton, Blaine, Blaise, Blaze, Bo, Bode, Bodie, Boone, Boston, Bowen, Braden, Braeden, Braiden, Branson, Brantlee, Brantley, Braydon, Braylen, Braylon, Brayson, Brecken, Brenden, Brennan, Brent, Brentley, Brett, Bridger, Briggs, Brixton, Brock, Bronson, Brooks, Bryant, Bryce, Brycen, Brysen, Bryson
  • C: Camden, Camdyn, Camilo, Camron, Canaan, Cannon, Carmelo, Case, Casen, Cash, Cason, Castiel, Cedric, Cesar, Chad, Chaim, Chance, Chandler, Channing, Clyde, Coleman, Collin, Colt, Colten, Conner, Corbin, Craig, Creed, Crew, Cristiano, Crosby, Cullen
  • D: Dakota, Dallas, Damari, Dane, Dangelo, Darian, Dariel, Dario, Darrell, Darwin, Dash, Davian, Davion, Davis, Dax, Daxton, Dayton, Deandre, Demetrius, Denver, Derek, Derrick, Desmond, Devin, Dimitri, Dominick, Dominique, Donald, Drake, Draven, Duke, Duncan, Dustin, Dwayne
  • E: Eason, Easton, Eduardo, Elian, Eliezer, Eliseo, Elisha, Emery, Emiliano, Emmet, Emmitt, Emory, Enoch, Enrique, Ephraim, Erick, Ernesto, Esteban, Eugene, Everett, Ezequiel
  • F: Felipe, Fernando, Finnegan, Fisher, Ford, Foster, Francisco
  • G: Gael, Gage, Gannon, Garrett, Gary, Gauge, Gavin, Gerardo, Giancarlo, Gianni, Gibson, Giovani, Gordon, Grady, Graham, Grant, Graysen, Grey, Greysen, Griffin, Guillermo, Gunnar, Gunner, Gustavo
  • H: Hank, Harold, Hayes, Henrik, Hezekiah, Holden, Houston, Howard
  • I: Ignacio, Iker, Immanuel, Ira, Isaias, Izaiah
  • J: Jabari, Jacoby, Jad, Jadiel, Jagger, Jairo, Jaime, Jair, Jalen, Jamar, Jamari, Jamarion, Jameson, Jamir, Jamison, Jasiah, Jase, Javier, Javion, Javon, Jaxen, Jaxton, Jayceon, Jaziel, Jedidiah, Jeffery, Jefferson, Jeffrey, Jeremias, Jericho, Jermaine, Jerome, Jerry, Jessie, Jesus, Joaquin, Johnathan, Jon, Jonathon, Jordy, Josue, Joziah, Juan, Judson, Julien, Julio, Julius, Justice, Justus
  • K: Kalel, Kamari, Kamden, Kamdyn, Kameron, Kannon, Kase, Kasen, Kash, Kashton, Kaysen, Keanu, Keenan, Keith, Kellan, Kellen, Kelvin, Kendall, Kingston, Knox, Koda, Kohen, Kolby, Kolten, Kolton, Konner, Konnor, Korbin, Kristopher, Kyler, Kymani, Kyree, Kyrie, Kyson
  • L: Lamar, Lance, Landen, Landon, Landry, Landyn, Lane, Langston, Larry, Layne, Leandro, Leif, Legend, Leonel, Leroy, Lionel, London, Luciano, Lyric
  • M: Mack, Madden, Maddux, Major, Makai, Malcolm, Marcelo, Marcos, Markus, Marquis, Marvin, Maurice, Mauricio, Maximiliano, Maximo, Maxton, Mayson, Mekhi, Melvin, Memphis, Merrick, Messiah, Micheal, Misael, Moises, Moshe
  • N: Nash, Nasir, Nehemiah, Neymar, Nickolas, Nikolai, Nixon, Noe
  • P: Pablo, Paxton, Peyton, Pierce, Porter, Princeton
  • Q: Quentin, Quincy, Quinton
  • R: Raiden, Ramiro, Ramon, Randy, Rayden, Raylan, Reed, Reese, Remington, Rene, Rey, Rhett, Ricky, Ridge, Roberto, Rodney, Rodrigo, Rogelio, Roger, Roland, Rolando, Ronin, Rowen, Roy, Royal, Royce, Russell, Ryker, Rylan, Ryland
  • S: Sage, Salvador, Salvatore, Santana, Santos, Sawyer, Seamus, Sergio, Shawn, Shepherd, Shiloh, Silas, Sincere, Skylar, Skyler, Sterling, Stetson, Steve, Sutton, Sylas
  • T: Tadeo, Talon, Tanner, Tatum, Terrance, Terrell, Terrence, Terry, Thaddeus, Thatcher, Titan, Titus, Trace, Trent, Trenton, Trevor, Trey, Tripp, Tristen, Tristian, Tucker, Turner, Ty
  • U: Ulises, Uriah, Uriel, Urijah
  • V: Valentin, Van, Vance, Vaughn, Vicente
  • W: Walker, Waylon, Wayne, Wesson, Westin, Westley, Weston, Wilder, Willie
  • X: Xzavier
  • Y: Yahir, Yehuda, Yisroel, Yosef
  • Z: Zaiden, Zaire, Zechariah, Zeke, Zyaire

Thoughts on these names?  Let me know in the comments!  I’ll post the girls’ names soon.

Names in the English/Welsh Top 1000 that Aren’t in the United States Top 1000 (Boys)

Over the past few days I’ve been sifting through the new English and Welsh baby name data so I can compare to the U.S. list.  Mainly, I want to get a sense of what makes a more distinctly “British” or “American” name.  It’s also fun because there are so many names on the English and Welsh lists that I’ve never even heard before!

Although the U.S. is the only country that really advertises its top 1000 most popular baby names, England and Wales release enough data and reflect a large enough population that we can easily view their top 1000 too.  Yay! 

Here is a list of every boys’ name that appeared in the England and Welsh top 1000 for 2016 but *not* in the American top 1000.  

  • A: Aadam, Aahil, Aariz, Aaryan, Aayan, Abbas, Abdirahman, Abdul, Abdullahi, Abdulrahman, Abdurrahman, Abu, Abubakar, Abubakr, Addison,* Adem, Adil, Adnan, Adyan, Ahyan, Ajay, Alastair, Albi, Albie, Alby, Aleksander, Alessio, Alexandre, Alexandros, Alexandru, Alfie, Alfie-James, Amaan, Aman, Amar, Amin, Ammar, Anas, Andreas, Andrei, Aneurin, Angus, Antoni, Antony, Aran, Archibald, Archie, Arham, Ariyan, Arjan, Armaan, Arman, Arnie, Arnold, Aronas, Arran, Artur, Arun, Ashley,* Aston, Aubrey,* Ayan, Ayaz, Ayman, Ayrton, Ayub, Ayyub, Azaan
  • B: Bailey,* Baran, Barnaby, Barney, Bartosz, Baxter, Bear, Benas, Benedict, Benny, Bernard, Bertie, Bilal, Bobbie, Boris, Bowie, Brogan, Brooklyn, Bryn, Buddy, Buster
  • C: Caelan, Caiden, Caio, Calum, Caspar, Casper, Caspian, Charley, Che, Chester, Cian, Ciaran, Cillian, Coby, Cormac
  • D: Danielius, Daniyal, Danyal, Dawid, Dawood, Dawud, Deen, Denis, Deniz, Denny, Dev, Dhruv, Dilan, Dion, Domas, Dominykas, Dougie
  • E: Eben, Edmund, Eduard, Eesa, Eisa, Eliot, Elis, Elvis, Elwood, Emil, Emir, Emre, Emrys, Eoin, Eren, Ernie, Eryk, Esa, Eshaan, Eshan, Essa, Etienne, Euan, Ewan
  • F: Faizan, Farhan, Faris, Fergus, Filip, Finlay, Fionn, Francesco, Franciszek, Frankie,* Franky, Fraser, Frazer, Fred, Freddie, Freddy, Fredrick, Fynn
  • G: Gene, Georgie, Gerard, Gethin, Griff, Guy
  • H: Haaris, Hadi, Hadley,* Haider, Hamish, Hamzah, Hari, Haris, Harlow,* Haroon, Harri, Harlen, Harun, Hasan, Hashim, Hashir, Hasnain, Haydn, Henley,* Henri, Herbert, Herbie, Hubert, Huey, Hughie, Hussain, Huw, Huzaifa
  • I: Ianis, Ibraheem, Idrees, Idris, Iestyn, Ieuan, Igor, Ilyas, Imran, Ioan, Iosif, Isa, Ishaaq, Ishaq, Ismaeel, Ismail, Ivo, Ivor, Iwan
  • J: Jac, Jago, Jai, Jakub, Jamie,* Jan, Jaxx, Jaydan, Jaydon, Jeevan, Jenson, Jonny, Josef, Josh, Jovan
  • K: Kabir, Kacper, Kaelan, Kairo, Kaiser, Kajus, Kamil, Karam, Karol, Kasper, Kaya,* Kayan, Kaylan, Kaylen, Kenzie,* Keon, Keyaan, Kiaan, Kieron, Kit, Kiyan, Klay, Kobi, Kobie, Koby, Kodi, Konrad, Krystian, Krzysztof, Ksawery, Kuba, Kurtis, Kush, Kyan, Kyran, Kyron
  • L: Laith, Laurence, Lennie, Lenny, Leopold, Lewie, Leyton, Lloyd, Loki, Lorcan, Lowen, Lucien, Luqman
  • M: Maciej, Mackenzie,* Macsen, Mahdi, Mahir, Maksim, Maksymilian, Malachy, Manveer, Matas, Matei, Mateusz, Maxime, Maximillian, Mckenzie,* Md, Mehmet, Michal, Mikaeel, Mikail, Mikey, Mikolaj, Mohamad, Montague, Montgomery, Monty, Muhammed, Mylo
  • N: Natan, Nataniel, Nate, Ned, Neo, Niall, Niam, Nikita, Nikodem, Noa,* Nojus
  • O: Oisin, Olaf, Olivier, Oliwier, Ollie, Olly, Omer, Orson, Osian, Oskar, Osman, Owain, Owais
  • P: Paddy, Patryk, Percy, Piotr, Presley*
  • Q: Qasim
  • R: Raees, Rafe, Rafferty, Raheem, Raife, Raja, Ralphie, Ralphy, Ranveer, Rares, Rayaan, Rayyan, Reagan,* Reegan, Regan, Reggie, Rehan, Reign,* Remi, Rian, Richie, Rico, Ridwan, Riley-James, Rio, Rishi, Robbie, Robin, Rogan, Rome, Ronny, Roscoe, Roshan, Ross, Ruairi, Rudi, Rueben, Rufus, Rupert, Rylee,* Ryley
  • S: Safwan, Sai, Saif, Sahib, Sahil, Salman, Sami, Saxon, Seb, Sebastien, Shae, Shay, Shayan, Shayaan, Shea, Sheikh, Shiv, Sidney, Simeon, Sol, Stanislaw, Steffan, Subhaan, Subhan, Sufyan, Sulaiman, Sulayman, Sultan, Syed, Szymon
  • T: Taha, Talha, Taylan, Ted, Teddie, Teddy, Teo, Teodor, Theodor, Theon, Tiago, Tom, Tomasz, Tommy, Tommy-Lee, Tomos, Tudor, Tyler-James, Tymon, Tymoteusz, Tyrese
  • U: Umair, Umar, Usman, Uzair
  • V: Veer, Viktor, Vinnie, Vinny, Vlad
  • W: Waleed, Wiktor, Wilbur, Wilf, Wilfred, Wojciech, Woody
  • Y: Yanis, Yaqub, Yaseen, Yash, Yasin, Yasir, Youssef, Yousuf, Yunus, Yuvraj
  • Z: Zac, Zach, Zack, Zak, Zakaria, Zakariya, Zakariyah, Zakariyya, Zaki, Zayaan, Zayan, Zayd, Zayyan, Zephaniah, Zidan, Ziggy

*Asterisks follow names that are actually popular in the U.S. as girls’ names only (the purpose of this list is to sort out the differences between the boys’ lists).  Many of those names began as men’s names or surnames and have since shifted or flipped to the women’s side.  Additionally, Regan (although not currently in U.S. fashion) is a women’s name from Shakespeare, yet somehow she’s only popular as a boys’ name in her home country! 

Thoughts?  I’m going to post their American counterparts later, and hopefully I’ll have sorted the girls’ lists by the end of the week!

For this post, I compared Office for National Statistics data against Social Security Administration data.

Top 10 Baby Names of Various English-Speaking Countries (2016)

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 1.32.51 PM

Today the Office of National Statistics released the most popular baby names of England and Wales in 2016!  Here’s the combined top 10 for girls:

  1. Olivia (+1 rank change); replaced Amelia as #1
  2. Amelia (-1 rank change)
  3. Emily (0 rank change)
  4. Isla (0)
  5. Ava (0)
  6. Isabella (+2)
  7. Lily (new; +6).  Lily expelled Poppy from the top 10…who knew Highlander jokes could apply to flower names?
  8. Jessica (-1)
  9. Ella (-3)
  10. Mia (-1).

And the combined top 10 for boys:

  1. Oliver (0)
  2. Harry (+1)
  3. George (+1)
  4. Jack (-2)
  5. Jacob (0)
  6. Noah (+1)
  7. Charlie (-1)
  8. Muhammad (+4; new).  Replaces William
  9. Thomas (0)
  10. Oscar (0)

The ONS also releases separate English and Welsh top 100 lists.  

Here’s the top 10 for England:


  1. Olivia (+1)
  2. Amelia (-1)
  3. Emily (0)
  4. Isla (0)
  5. Ava (0)
  6. Jessica (0)
  7. Isabella (+1)
  8. Lily (+5; new); replaces Poppy
  9. Ella (-2)
  10. Mia (0)


  1. Oliver (0)
  2. George (+2)
  3. Harry (+1)
  4. Jack (-2)
  5. Jacob (+1)
  6. Noah (+2)
  7. Charlie (-2)
  8. Muhammad (+4; new); replaces William
  9. Thomas (-2)
  10. Oscar (0)

And for Wales:


  1. Olivia (+1)
  2. Amelia (-1)
  3. Ella (+3)
  4. Ava (-1)
  5. Isla (-1)
  6. Emily (-1)
  7. Evie (+4)
  8. Mia (-1)
  9. Lily (0)
  10. Isabelle (+8); replaces Isabella.  An equal number of girls were named Sophia and Isabelle in 2016, but Isabelle lands herself in the top 10 through alphabetic seniority.


  1. Oliver (0)
  2. Jacob (0)
  3. Noah (+2)
  4. Jack (0)
  5. Oscar (+2)
  6. Harry (+3)
  7. Charlie (-4)
  8. Alfie (-2)
  9. George (0)
  10. William (-2)

Scotland and Northern Ireland release their own lists at different points in the year despite belonging to the United Kingdom.

Scotland’s Top 10:


  1. Olivia (+2)
  2. Emily (-1)
  3. Sophie (-1)
  4. Isla (0)
  5. Ava (+1)
  6. Amelia (+1)
  7. Jessica (-2)
  8. Ella (0)
  9. Lucy (0)
  10. Charlotte (+11; new); replaces Lily


  1. Jack (0)
  2. James (+1)
  3. Oliver (-1)
  4. Lewis (0)
  5. Noah (+10; new)
  6. Logan (+2)
  7. Harry (+9; new)
  8. Alexander (-3)
  9. Leo (+4; new)
  10. Charlie (-4)

Noah, Harry, and Leo replaced Lucas, Harris, and Daniel.

Northern Ireland’s Top 10:

  1. Emily (0)
  2. Grace (+1)
  3. Olivia (+2)
  4. Anna (+2)
  5. Sophie (-1)
  6. Lily (+9; new)
  7. Amelia (0)
  8. Ella (-6)
  9. Ava (+1)
  10. Sophia (+2; new); replaces Aoife


  1. James (+1)
  2. Jack (-1)
  3. Oliver (+3)
  4. Charlie (-1)
  5. Noah (-2)
  6. Harry (+2)
  7. Jacob (+5; new)
  8. Daniel (-3)
  9. Matthew (-2)
  10. Alfie (+3; new).

Jacob and Alfie replaced Thomas and Jake

Now let’s step outside the U.K. and look at the Republic of Ireland’s Top 10 Baby Names for 2016. 


  1. Emily (0)
  2. Grace (+6)
  3. Ava (0)
  4. Lucy (+4)
  5. Sophie (-1)
  6. Amelia (0)
  7. Emma (-5)
  8. Mia (+2)
  9. Hannah (+3; new)
  10. Lily (+1; new)

Hannah and Lily replaced Chloe and Ella.


  1. James (+1)
  2. Jack (-1)
  3. Conor (+1)
  4. Daniel (0)
  5. Sean (0)
  6. Noah (+1)
  7. Adam (-1)
  8. Oisin (+4; new); replaces Charlie
  9. Michael (-1)
  10. Luke (0)

New Zealand also has a list.


  1. Olivia (0)
  2. Charlotte (0)
  3. Isla (+4)
  4. Harper (+1)
  5. Ella (+1)
  6. Amelia (+3)
  7. Emily (-2)
  8. Mia (0)
  9. Sophie (-5)
  10. Ava (+5; new); replaces Isabella


  1. Oliver (0)
  2. Jack (0)
  3. William (0)
  4. Mason (+2)
  5. James (-1)
  6. Hunter (+1)
  7. Noah (+4; new)
  8. Lucas (+6; new)
  9. Leo (+15; new)
  10. Max (+3; new)

Noah, Lucas, Leo, and Max replaced Jacob, Liam, Charlie, and Benjamin

Unfortunately, neither Canada nor Australia have official national lists.  Individual provinces produce their data every year, but I don’t think they all do.  That said, we can always make comparisons with the U.S. list! 

U.S. Top 10:


  1. Emma (0)
  2. Olivia (0)
  3. Ava (+1)
  4. Sophia (-1)
  5. Isabella (0)
  6. Mia (0)
  7. Charlotte (+2)
  8. Abigail (-1)
  9. Emily (-1)
  10. Harper (0)


  1. Noah (0)
  2. Liam (0)
  3. William (+2)
  4. Mason (-1)
  5. James (+2)
  6. Benjamin (+4)
  7. Jacob (-3)
  8. Michael (+1)
  9. Elijah (+2; new); replaces Alexander
  10. Ethan (-4)

Thoughts?  It’s always interesting to see which names are especially popular in some places compared to others. 

Sources / Where you can find the data:



Rare ‘C’ Names for Boys

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 3.26.31 PM

Here are some rare ‘C’ names for boys used in 2016!  I posted the girls’ list a few days ago…and although there were more girls’ names for me to sort through, the boys’ names were harder to narrow down.  To keep these lists at a reasonable length, I try to select only the most interesting rare names for you to think about.  My problem is that they’re all interesting! 

All the names below belong to baby boys born in the U.S. last year.  The blue-coded names were used overwhelmingly for boys, while the purple-coded names are unisex (within my parameters; 90% usage or less for one gender and 10% or more for the other).

  • 150-201 boys named: Chevy, Colson, Cillian, Cormac, Cortez, Caspian, Cian, Caius
  • 100-149: Cristobal, Coy, Carver, Cashton, Canyon, Carmine, Calder, Coby, CallahanCourtney, Constantine, Cecil
  • 50-99: Chancellor, Clifton, Canon, Clive, Casper, Caesar, Chester, Conley, Carmello, Chayton, Conan, Carsten, Ciaran, Croix, Charleston, Conway, Colston, Clarke, Crawford, Claude, Clement
  • 25-49: Charbel, Christos, Collier, Creighton, Cavan, Crimson, Cove, Conall, Corwin, Carlin, Carlisle, Cassiel, Champ, Cage, Carlito, Coda, Copeland, Courtland, Cutler, Cary, Chauncey, Christ, Cutter, Claudio, Captain, Chosen, Cloud, Curren, Caedmon, Copper, Cashmere, Casimir, Castor, Chapman, Chidubem, Colm, Creek, Cross, Can, Canton, Champion, Caliber, Calix, Chesky, Cache, Celso, Cheskel, Corinthian
  • 15-24: Caelum, Coulter, Cuyler, Cleveland, Cecilio, Calloway, Cheikh, Conlan, Cosmo, Cayman, Creedence, Carlson, Caspar, Cassian, Cliff, Crixus, Cruzito, Carder, Chukwuemeka, Coltrane, Colvin, Cotton, Cato, Chief, Cinch, Camillo, Celestino, Chip, Calogero, Castle, Che, Chevelle, Clancy, Corbett, Courage, Crispin, Cuauhtemoc
  • 10-14: Calixto, Cartel, Charlton, Coal, Cyprian, Chan, Cobain, Curry, Cesare, Chatham, Cisco, Cordarius, Cruise, Caio, Cambridge, Candido, Chadrick, Chavez, Cordero, Crockett, Czar, Camp, Carroll, Chetan, Cope, Cyprus
  • 8-9: Candelario, Carmichael, Cephas, Chamberlain, Corion, Coyote, Crowley, Cung, Calcifer, Calhoun, Catcher, Cheveyo, Chigozie, Claiborne, Clovis, Constantinos
  • 7: Cabot, Caillou, Cameo, Cavalli, Chiedozie, Chipper, Chiron, Cipriano, Columbus, Corrado, Corvus, Craven
  • 6: Calvary, Calvert, Cavanaugh, Charming, Church, Cletus, Clever, Compton, Connolly, Cosimo, Crown, Cypher
  • 5: Caffrey, Caldwell, Caliph, Calixtro, Calyx, Camper, Candler, Carbon, Chanson, Chaplin, Chenyu, Chimaobim, Chirag, Chisum, Choice, Chrisander, Coast, Colburn, Corny, Cosmas, Coven, Crusoe


  • Carroll only appears as a boys’ name in last year’s data.
  • Although the word “chipper” can mean “cheerful,” as a name Chipper just makes me think of that scene in Fargo.  Yikes!  
  • Chanson means “song” in French.  A little surprising that it appears as a boys’ name, but the primary association is possibly La Chanson de Roland (The Song of Roland).
  • Cavalli means “horses” in Italian.  Not “horse,” but “horses.”  Should make travel quite interesting.
  • Craven is another word for “cowardly.”  It’s an odd, unusable name even by my standards.

What do you think?  Do you have any favorites?  Least-favorites?  Let me know in the comments! 

Rare ‘C’ Names for Girls

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 8.32.05 PM

Here is an eclectic list of rare girls’ names used in 2016 that begin with the letter C!  Unfortunately I can’t include *every* single rare ‘C’ name (that would be an extremely long list), but I’ve tried to spotlight the most interesting ones.  These names can be found in publicly-available Social Security Administration birth data; the numbers you see below indicate how many baby girls received these names last year.

  • 150-257: Cordelia, Cambria, Campbell, Coral, Charity, Cecily, Christiana, Clover, Coralie, Chevelle, Calla, Charleston, Cielo, Constance
  • 100-149: Carmella, Cleo, Carrie, Capri, Chiara, Carol, Claira, Carissa, Cosette, Citlali, Chava, Caliyah, Colleen, Candace
  • 50-99: Chesney, Camellia, Caia, Connie, Cheryl, Charis, Christa, Crimson, Chase, Callista, Cassia, Carys, Christy, Coco, Carrington, Charisma, Caliana, Cathy, Cing
  • 25-49: Candy, Cherokee, Constanza, Cypress, Cedar, Cherry, Corinna, Caeli, Carrigan, Cate, Clarity, Cornelia, Cyra, Cosima, Chimamanda, Clarabelle, China, Chrisette, Cree, Chizaram, Celestine, Clio, Cady, Chantal, Chrislynn, Courtlyn, Camry, Charm, Chiamaka, Christabel, Clarisse, Cleopatra, Cyan, Camber, Cecile, Chastity, Copeland
  • 15-24: Celestia, Carlin, Chidera, Celestina, Chioma, Christabella, Calypso, Carmelina, Chapel, Chenoa, Caprice, Cabella, Cana, Carlotta, Carmina, Cicely, Cirilla, Contessa, Cortana
  • 10-14: Carlisle, Catriona, Chante, Charmaine, Consuelo, Candelaria, Cece, Chaney, Connelly, Corabelle, California, Czarina, Caisley, Charla, Cherie, Claudette, Creedence, Caoimhe, Carmelita, Carole, Chidinma, Chikamso, Chrysanthemum, Clary, Clea, Clementina, Copper, Cricket, Caledonia, Chiziterem, Cressida, Cybil
  • 7-9: Callisto, Carrera, Cashmere, Celestial, Chi, Chrisley, Clemence, Coda, Copelynn, Calirose, Carmel, Cartier, Cayenne, Chaise, Caasi, Carolanne, Cassiopeia, Catori, Celie, Chaithra, Channel, Chatham, Christiane, Clarita, Claudine, Coralei, Coretta
  • 6: Calandra, Calirae, Calvary, Cambridge, Caoilinn, Capriana, Carey, Caridad, Cedella, Chaarvi, Chinyere, Chizitere, Chosen, Christabelle, Clarabella, Cniyah, Comfort, Corazon, Crosley
  • 5: Caci, Calais, Caldonia, Caliber, Calixta, Calyx, Cambriella, Cameo, Caoilainn, Carabella, Caragh, Carmilla, Ceridwen, Cerise, Cevilla, Chaela, Chenxi, Cherith, Chiamanda, Chierika, Chimamaka, Chinenye, Chisimdi, Chumy, Cicilia, Cindel, Cipriana, Claiborne, Clodagh, Cloris, Corinthia, Coumba, Curie, Cymphony, Cyrene

Thoughts, comments?  Stay tuned for the boys’ list!

Collegiate Baby Names

September has long been associated with a return to school.  For children, it signifies a return to homework, friends, and more homework.  It’s also college application season for the older students.  As for me: I’ve already graduated from university, and I miss it.

Feeling some very seasonal nostalgia, here’s a list of baby names that are also universities!  For the most part, I’m omitting those that contain common people’s names (sorry William & Mary) and states’ names (i.e. Kansas) included in university titles.  That said – though I exclude the name California, I include Berkeley.

  • Auburn – 34 girls, 6 boys.  Auburn is a university in Alabama, and notorious rival to the University of Alabama.  Auburn is also a shade of red; meanwhile, Crimson (as in Crimson Tide) is both the color associated with U. Alabama and a baby name (given to 69 girls and 44 boys last year).  Indeed, about 26% (18 out of 69) girls and 16% (7 out of 44) of boys named Crimson last year were born in Alabama.  Additionally, around 31% (5 out of 16) of American girls named Krimson last year were also born there. Under 5 boys and girls in the state were named Auburn in 2016, but I’m sure there were a couple.  Football reigns supreme.
  • Baylor 339 boys (#715), 209 girls.  Baylor University is a private Christian university located in Texas.  As a name, it’s rising so fast that I’m asking myself if Baylor is the next Taylor; what do you think?  And similarly to Alabama with Crimson / Krimson, more children were named Baylor in Texas than anywhere else last year (though Tennessee and Louisiana also had a lot of them).
  • Berkeley – 116 girls, 16 boys.  This name can also honor the surname or an early Virginia governor.  Approximately 16% of girls named Berkeley in 2016 were born in California.  “Burke-lee” is the common pronunciation (especially when referring to the school), but you can also say “Bark-lee.”
  • Cambridge – 11 boys, 6 girls.  When Cambridge first entered Social Security birth data in 1992, it did so as a girls’ name.  Since then, it’s mostly flipped back and forth between the genders.  In 2016, more babies were named Cambridge than ever before (that we know of).  The famed university is in England, but I wonder if anybody with this name was named after Cambridge, Massachusetts (home of Harvard and MIT)
  • Columbia – Doesn’t appear in 2016, but 10 were born in 2015.  Columbia is the female personification of America; the university is in New York City.


    Columbia, personified

  • Drexel – 7 boys, after the private Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Children named Drexel might also be named after St. Katharine Drexel, who was related to the university’s founder.
  • Duke – 513 boys (#557).  This academic baby name might be rising for any number of reasons, from the trendiness of royal-title names to the popularity of Western/Cowboy names.  The university is in North Carolina.
  • Durham – 9 boys in 2016.  Speaking of Duke, we also find its hometown in the data!  As a scholastic baby name, Durham also refers to the University of Durham (England).
  • Emory – 447 girls (#654) and 268 boys (#838).  Emory University is in Georgia.
  • Fordham – 6 boys.  Fordham is a Jesuit-associated university in New York.
  • Hampton – 57 boys and 10 girls.  Hampton University is an HBCU (Historically Black College or University) in Virginia.
  • Harvard – 5 boys in 2016.  As a first name, this first appeared in SSA birth data in 1912 and enjoyed fairly steady if sparse usage through the 1950s.  There’s been a very slight revival in the 21st century, though Harvard remains an extremely unusual baby name.
  • Howard – 239 boys (#900); reentered top 1000 in 2016.  Howard University is a prestigious HBCU in Washington D.C.
  • Liberty – 571 girls (#541).  Enormous Christian university in Virginia.  As far as the SSA data shows, the name Liberty has become popular thrice since 1880.  The first time was 1918 (end of World War I).  Second, the bicentennial in 1976.  Thirdly and finally, Liberty became popular in 2001 (and stayed popular) after 9/11.
  • Marshall – 999 boys (#345) and 5 girls.  Marshall University is a West Virginia school that’s probably best known from the movie We Are Marshall.  The name can also honor 5-star General George Marshall (as in the Marshall Plan), the surname, or even the ancient Roman poet Martial.
  • Oxford – 7 boys.  Can refer to the English university or the town that houses the University of Mississippi “Ole Miss.”
  • Princeton – 769 boys (#413).  This name first appeared in SSA birth data in 1950, but didn’t take off for several more decades.  Top 1000 entry came in 2011, and reached the top 500 in six years.  Still, I think Princeton’s trajectory is starting to slow. 

Nassau Hall, Princeton (1903)

  • Stanford – 12 boys.  When I was maybe 13 or 14, I read a novel about a boy named Stanford who isn’t the greatest student; it’s called “Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time.”  He ends up being tutored by Millicent Min, who got her own book…and don’t they both have fantastic names?
  • Temple – 11 girls, 5 boys.  Temple University is in Philadelphia, PA.  Temple Grandin is probably a more obvious namesake.
  • Trinity – 2215 girls (#137) and 18 boys.  Can refer to any number of schools, including Trinity College, Dublin.
  • Wellesley – 6 girls in 2015, unknown number (under 5) in 2016.  Prestigious women-only college in Massachusetts.
  • Yale – 5 boys.  Yale is also a mythical/heraldic creature.

Do you have a favorite collegiate baby name?  Would you add any to this list?  Let me know in the comments!