Coffee-Inspired Baby Names


Valencia Mocha…yum!

It’s Monday after a major holiday.  You’ve returned to work, and need a jolt of caffeine to start the day and overcome your likely food coma.  Unfortunately, your thermos is missing, the drive-thru line was too long, and you refuse to drink it without milk or creamer (which is all gone at work).  The horror!  All you can do is think about this delicious beverage and hope the tiny, burnt remainder of yesterday’s brew that you gulped with breakfast will be enough to keep you going until 5 PM.

Or, maybe you’ve had your coffee and want something else to ponder.  Maybe you really like names!  So whatever your caffeine dilemma or interests this morning: “Coffee-Inspired Baby Names,” a follow-up to the immensely popular Tea-Inspired Baby Names!

Coffea – The genus of the coffee plant.

Cherry – 42 girls.  The berries of the coffee plant are called cherries.  These cherries contain the coffee beans. 

Bean – As in coffee beans!  Although Bean didn’t appear in the 2015 data set, this is famously the adorable middle name of Kurt Cobain’s daughter (Frances Bean Cobain).

CascaraCascara is an increasingly popular tea-like coffee made from coffee cherries. 

Brewer – 31 boys.  I personally associate this name more with beer, but it works for coffee too.  Something tells me that “Barista” wouldn’t work as a baby name…

Kona – 20 boys and 10 girls in 2015, plus 6 boys named Konan.  Kona is a delicious coffee from the Big Island of Hawaii.

Maxwell – Maxwell House coffee.  Maxwell is a very popular baby name, ranking #113 in 2015. 

Bailey – #108.  Irish cream coffee.

Kahlúa – Sounds namey, but this might be like naming a child Kombucha (from the list of tea-names; see above).  By the way, Pumpkin Spice Kahlúa is terrible! 

Sheridan – English coffee liqueur; 34 girls.

Melitta – a German company that specializing in coffee and filters.  It’s named after the founder!  Melita (6 girls) is slightly less obvious.

Duncan – A subtle reference to Dunkin’ Donuts.  Rank: #793.

Horton – I hear Tim Horton’s is pretty popular in Canada?

Star97 girls and 5 boys in 2015.  Because Starbucks isn’t a baby name!  Let’s keep it that way…

Capucine – this French name meaning “nasturtium” sounds suspiciously like “cappuccino.”  Only once in the 21st century has Capucine appeared in the SSA data (in 2008), but she was semi-regular in the 60s and 70s.  This is probably due to the mononymous French actress Capucine, who was in the 1963 film The Pink Panther.

Valencia – 103 girls.  The Valencia Mocha is a mocha with bits of orange peel.

Chai – Chai is a tea, but Dirty Chais contain espresso! 

Lottie – 78 girls.  This lovely and old-fashioned nickname for Charlotte (#9) is a lot subtler than “Latte,” but similar enough to quench your thirst!

Arista – 13 girls.  This astronomy name is just one letter off from “barista.”

Barrister – Another option to honor your favorite barista…or lawyer.

Thoughts?  Can you think of any other coffee-inspired baby names? 

Site Update (Welcome Back)

Greetings from a new laptop!  Technological issues incited and exacerbated a long absence from blogging.  My old and beloved college MacBook stopped typing so well.  As a writer, few things are worse than the inability to complete a word or a sentence because the ‘d’ key doesn’t work.  That’s where it started, anyway.  Then it spread through the rest of the keys in the row – ‘f’ through ‘l’ – excepting ‘a’ and ‘s.’  The issue first appeared in December and quickly disappeared.  It stayed when it returned in January.  Then, I couldn’t even log in without an external keyboard. 

Liquid damage is the silent device-slayer.  Perhaps you weren’t in the room when it happened; perhaps it happened months or years ago.  But one day, that coffee spill will return to haunt you. 

We think somebody else spilled coffee on my old laptop and didn’t tell me.  Eventually this destroyed those keys.  According to the techs, general functionality would only worsen with time.  Repair was an option, but at 5-years-old it teeters on “vintage” status and in 3 years it will be “obsolete” – meaning, if I did repair it, they wouldn’t have the parts if I ever needed to bring it in again.  The battery and power cord additionally needed replacing.  Finally, my warranty had already ceased, either when I graduated or sometime over the summer.  My best option was to start fresh.

So I got a new computer, which I am more than happy with!  But, it hasn’t all been flowers and sunshine.  Right as I was about to return to blogging, a stray, open, and full mug (not mine) was knocked over and shorted the power.  I was delayed another week while it sat in repairs. 

I finally have my new computer back with the necessary software installed!  I pray nothing else happens.  For good luck, and because I feel like alliterating (its color is “space gray”), I think I’ll name it Samuel.  Strangely, I never named my old one. 

So, I’m back!  And the last several weeks haven’t been entirely devoid of name-work.  Thankfully (and amazingly) my files weren’t lost during repairs.  What’s more, Google Docs helped me acquire some lists of rather unusual names from a game.  I can’t wait to write about them!

To my readers, I say – Welcome Back!